We’re heading full swing into Summer and things are heating up here at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie!

Guys, we’ve got some awesome goings-on this month, you don’t want to be left behind on these.

So what exactly IS going on at The Catty Corner, you ask?

Well, grab your favorite beverage, get yourself comfortable in your favorite chair because we’ve got the details for you here…

Have you seen me?

Scan QR to go directly to our menu, feel free to look around and see what's happenin' at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie
Scan QR to go directly to our menu, feel free to look around and see what’s happenin’ at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie

As all of you are aware, unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave in the wilderness, prices on EVERYTHING have gone up significantly over the past year.

These price increases have hit a lot of businesses, including restaurants here in the Lehigh Valley.

Because of these economic changes, restaurants have been forced to increase the prices of our menu items.

We at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie have done our very best to keep these increases reasonable WITHOUT sacrificing the quality of our menu items.

The quality that you, our loyal customers have come to expect from The Catty Corner.

The challenge: how to keep you updated on the current prices.

We do our very best to update both our online menu as well as keeping our social media posts updated with current prices.

But what if…

What if there was a way for you to know NOW what today’s prices are?

Welcome the brand-new Catty Corner Pub QR Code.

This little guy will link you straight to the menu on our website, giving you TODAY’S  menu prices.

Genius, if I do say so myself!

Speaking of menus

We have new cocktails for the Summer. The menu cards are being printed as you read this.

Your favorite bartenders in Catasauqua will be serving up Cherry Limeade, Captain on Acid (THAT sounds interesting!), Nutty Blonde goes Bananas, Mango-Chili Margarita and Maple Bourbon Sour.

For our Bourbon menu, we’ve added Old Tub to the list of your usual favorites!

Next time you’re in, give one of these awesome drinks a spin!

And again with the menu

Sunday Steak Special - it's what's happenin' at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie!
Sunday Steak Special – it’s what’s happenin’ at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie!

Don’t forget about Father’s Day on June 19th.

We’ll have our Famous Steak Special with a twist for Dads. Watch our social media pages for those details!

June 19th is also National Martini Day. This year, we’ll be featuring our Bikini Martini.

Make Father’s Day epic this year with these great menu items, only at the Catty Corner!

So what else is going on this Summer at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie?

Friday nights' Concerts in the Park...what's happenin'...The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie is delivering!
Friday nights’ Concerts in the Park…what’s happenin’…The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie is delivering!

Let’s start with Catasauqua’s Concerts in the Park.

The Friday night concert series is in full swing with some of the best entertainment you will find in the Lehigh Valley.

Each week, The Catty Corner delivers food and drinks to music lovers attending the Concerts in the Park.

We deliver FREE to the park during the concerts, so be sure to scan that QR Code and decide what you want.

Then give us a call (610-443-2284) and we’ll get your food and drinks ready and zip them on over to you.

The park has set aside a special location for food delivery, so be sure to check where that is when you get there!




#1 Professional Eater in Pennsylvania

George Chiger will be IN THE HOUSE June 21st at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie...it's what's happenin'!
George Chiger will be IN THE HOUSE June 21st at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie…it’s what’s happenin’!

Trivia question: who is the #1 professional eater in PA?

I’ll give you a hint – he goes by the nickname The Smorgasborg. No?

How about aside from being #1 in PA, he’s ranked #15 in the world! Now you’ve got it…

George The Smorgasborg Chiger will be IN THE HOUSE on June 21st at 7pm to warm up for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating competition that is held every year on the 4th of July.

For his warm-up, George will be attempting to eat 40 hot dogs WITH BUNS in 10 minutes.

Guys, you do NOT want to miss this epic event!

As a bonus, The Catty Corner will have chili cheese dog and beer special on the 21st.

So come on out and meet George, enjoy some entertainment and enjoy some time with friends!

Bingo and Karaoke

As always, our friend Brett with Epic Productions is in the house every Monday night for Music Bingo.

Bingo is a favorite with Catty Corner customers, so come on in and YOU could be a winner!

Thursday nights Brett returns for Trivia and Karaoke – ALWAYS a good time!

Brett always brings the fun, and you guys never fail to entertain US, so bring your best and let’s party!

YouTube Channel

So, we’re getting those commercials up and running for you guys. Right now, we have the Mexican Monday and Grab the One You Love/Tispsy Tuesday uploaded.

We’re working with the production company creating the commercials to get the rest finalized and published for you, so you’ll always have those to refer to as well.

The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie would appreciate if you would go out to our channel and subscribe.

It’s really easy: go out to www.youtube.com, search for Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub and Pie and hit that subscribe button. AND if you click on the little bell, YouTube will notify you when we’ve uploaded a new video!

Why? Because when you subscribe, it helps others to find us.

Others, like you who enjoy good food, good friends and a great Neighborhood Corner Pub to come hang out at!

Have you seen our TikTok??

Listen, guys. There is no better way for us to SHOW you virtually what’s being served today at The Catty Corner than our videos of the delicious creations our chefs come up with.

If you haven’t been out there, go check it out at www.tiktok.com and search for cattycornerpubnpie.

And like our YouTube Channel, please Follow us on TikTok so your friends can find us, too!

I promise you that if you’re not hungry after watching our TikTok videos, you need to go get yourself a check-up from the neck-up!

What else?

Well, the Cornhole League is up and running. Teams compete each Wednesday and Thursday.

So come on out and cheer on the teams and grab a quick bite to eat while you’re at it!

We have our weekly food and drink specials, as well as daily pizza specials.

And let’s not forget about Catasauqua’s BEST Happy Hour each weeknight from 4-6pm ONLY at The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie!

Because we love our community here at The Catty Corner, please be sure to check out @Catasauqua  AND the @LehighValley  social media pages – they are packed full of events and happenings around town!

That’s a wrap!

Don't forget to scan the QR code!
Don’t forget to scan the QR code!

Well, guys, I think that’s it for June. Be sure to stay tuned to our social media pages for updates and announcements.

And until next month, my friends….PEACE!